Nintendo is Still Going Strong Despite Shortcomings

March 16, 2016 admin Nintendo

If you were to ask any console gamer out there what Nintendo is, they will most definitely say a successful gaming company. And it is correct; Nintendo is a successful gaming company, well at least, it used to be.

Nintendo as a gaming company hasn’t enjoyed much success in recent years. Although the original Nintendo Wii garnered a lot of sold units, its successor, the Nintendo Wii U, didn’t enjoy much success.

In fact, in their recent financial meeting, it was pretty clear that the Nintendo Wii U is going to be out of the market in just a few months’ time. I have to admit that one of the reasons why Nintendo Wii U wasn’t that popular was because of the gaming lineup.

Yes, there are a lot of games that would entice people, but it didn’t have the flair that the older Nintendo Wii games had.

The Nintendo Wii U’s controller, which should act as a secondary screen so that you won’t have to turn on your TV screens, is a mixed bag. A lot of people actually love the idea, but some people just don’t want anything to do with the smaller screen.

Despite the recent shortcomings of Nintendo, the gaming company is still positive that they can make a big breakthrough in the coming years. In the later months of 2015, Nintendo’s new president, Tatsumi Kimishima, promised Nintendo fans that there is a new Nintendo gaming console in the works.

He calls it the “Nintendo NX”. There isn’t any specific information available at the time of writing this article, but Kimishima did say that the upcoming console will “change the gaming landscape”. I think what he means is that the Nintendo NX will have something new to offer to the gaming market.

A lot of people actually think that this is the new VR module. You see, Virtual Reality gaming is becoming quite popular. With the Oculus Rift and other Virtual gaming peripherals, it is most likely that Mr. Kimishima intended to give us a hint of virtual gaming coming with the Nintendo NX.

The information is still not sure, though. All we can hope for is a new gaming console that can indeed change the gaming landscape for many years to come.

I really love Nintendo as a gaming company. They have, no doubt, released a number of memorable games such as the Super Mario games, Legend of Zelda games, and even other games in different genres.

Despite their shortcomings, I am happy that the gaming company is still positive moving forward. I am also positive that the new leader at the helm will lead the gaming company in the right direction.

In the meantime, you may want to get a Nintendo 3DS because it is by far Nintendo’s current hot portable gaming console. I think that is because of the R4 3DS cards that increase the functionality of the said console.

I am just happy that Nintendo is still going strong despite its recent shortcomings. Godspeed Nintendo!


WPS Office App for Android

February 2, 2016 admin Android

Mobile phones are really nifty gadgets. Before, you just used to use it for calling and texting. But nowadays, you can even create documents within a mobile phone in itself.

Today, we are going to take a look at a productivity app that allows you to not only create word documents on your Android mobile phone, but it also does a slew of other things as well.

The WPS Office App for Android is one of the best office suites productivity app for the Android operating system. What makes this app special, you ask? Here are all the features that you can expect with this app:

  • 100% FREE full Mobile Office Suite (In App Purchase)
  • The smallest sized Office Suite on Android (less than 25MB)!
  • One app includes Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets
  • Uniquely designed for Android smartphones and tablets*
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel)
  • Access documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Evernote and FTP/WebDAV
  • Share documents and presentations using WIFI, NFC or DLNA
  • Auto-save and document encryption
  • Compatible with USB and Bluetooth keyboards
  • Many familiar keyboard shortcuts including Ctrl+C and Ctrl+P
  • Full support for wireless printing including PDF printing!
  • Supports 50+ languages

The WPS Office App for Android mobile phones is one of the best office apps because you can do a lot of things with it. The app allows you to create word documents, spreadsheets via its excel program, and powerpoint presentations with its built-in powerpoint application.

Not only that, but you can further increase its functionality by downloading in-app purchases.

The WPS Office App for Android also allows you to read PDFs and other documents by simply downloading an additional addon. Don’t worry, this addon is free of charge.

This app is also quite small, at least, compared to other office suites app on the Google Play store. The total file size of this app is only a measly 25MB. Imagine a feature-rich office suites app that is conveniently sized at only 25MB, that is the WPS Office App for Android!

The WPS Office App for Android mobile phones also has an auto-save feature. In the event that you run out of battery, this app will save your behind from losing all of your hard work.

This Android app also supports Bluetooth or USB-powered keyboards for added convenience and functionality! Since there are a lot of Bluetooth keyboards out there, getting one to use with this app will certainly increase your productivity, even when you do not have a computer or laptop around!

Since this app allows you to create office documents, the WPS Office App for Android also allows for seamless integration with various cloud storage services. This app supports a lot of cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Evernote, One Drive, Google Drive, and so much more!

If you want to create office documents on your mobile phone, definitely get the WPS Office App for Android.

The WPS Office App for Android mobile phones is free to download with in-app purchases. You can get this app from the Google Play Store.


EVGA 500W Continuous Power Supply Unit

December 17, 2015 admin Gaming

Gaming computers are already very rampant today, and although the graphics card and processors all get the attention, no one should ever overlook the Power supply unit. The Power supply unit is what powers your system, so without it, you cannot enjoy any part of your gaming system.

Before discussing the power supply unit even further, here is the official product description for the EVGA 500W Power supply:

When building on a budget, the EVGA 500W 80 PLUS is a great choice at a low cost. Supporting 40A on a single +12V rail provides more options without having to reduce your component requirements. Save space with the 500W’s compact design, well-placed power switch and fully sleeved cables. The 500W offers the connections and protections needed for basic system builds. With a standard 3-year warranty and ultra-quiet fan design the 500W will be a great asset for your next build on a budget.”

This power supply unit caters for people building budget-to mid-range gaming rigs. 500W is more than enough power to fire up these gaming systems. It also has some heavy-duty protections, such as Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Power Protection and Short Circuit protection.

We all know that electricity can either fluctuate or rise up from time to time, so having these heavy-duty protections can be really handy for your gaming PC.

The EVGA 500W Continuous power supply is also an 80 Plus Silver certified, which means that you can save up on power costs because it gets ample energy just when the computer needs it.

Furthermore, the EVGA 500W Continuous Power Supply unit has an amazing, ultra-quiet fan that is barely noticeable. People who have this power supply unit barely notices any sound coming from the power supply unit, which is perfect for a gaming setup since most gamers play at night.

Also, the EVGA 500W power supply unit can last up to 100,000 hours or 11 years! That is why, investing in a good power supply unit is one of the best decisions you can make when making a gaming PC.

The EVGA 500W power supply unit does not disappoint. Here are some customer reviews:

Jason: “The EVGA 500W power supply is one of the most power efficient and quiet PSUs I have ever used. After just one month of using this power supply, I’ve noticed a drop in my electricity bills. Furthermore, the fans are hardly noticeable, so I can concentrate on the tasks at hand. Really a pretty good power supply for the price.”

Derek: “So far so good! This power supply is just rock solid if you ask me, and that is really no surprise considering this power supply unit came from EVGA, which is a very reputable company. It is able to power my Skylake gaming PC just fine, and I never noticed the fans spinning out of control. This is a really good power supply unit!”

The EVGA 500W Continuous Power Supply is a very good power supply unit and it only retails at $40.


hCG Diet: It works, but Only if you do it Right

October 17, 2015 admin HCG

There’s a new weight-loss craze called the hcG Diet, and a lot of people say that it is really effective. The idea behind this diet is to restrict your calorie intake to only 500 calories per day for six weeks. During the course of the diet, you need to inject yourself with the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, that is normally found in pregnant women.

The hCG acts as a weight-loss aid because it will signal to your body that you are full, despite only consuming 500-calories a day. A lot of people are skeptical about this form of diet, but some people are advocating about it.

A particular woman by the name of Rachael, who has personally tried the hCG diet, actually encourages people to try it if they want to lose weight. And she explains why it is completely safe and very effective in burning fat.

Since the hCG diet works on the premise of severe calorie restriction and taking in hCG injection for six weeks, people think that they will go on starvation mode and they will have very little energy reserves.

But, according to Rachael, that is not entirely true. You see, hCG helps burn fat, and if you can remember, fat is unused energy. Since hCG burns fat, you get your energy from the total fat burned.

Some people are put off because of the severe calorie-restriction. But, Rachael says that that is only for six weeks, and you are allowed to go back to the healthy calorie intake of 1500 to 1800 calories a day after the hCG dieting period.

After the hCG diet phase, Rachael has lost 18 pounds. She was able to wear a lot of her clothes that she wasn’t able to wear before. She said that it is a remarkable thing.

Rachael advocates that people should try hCG dieting, but that they should caution themselves. A lot of supplement manufacturers offer “homeopathic” versions of the hCG, which is questionable.

You see, the only people who are allowed to administer hCG shots are licensed physicians. Supplement manufacturers claim that their supplements have the real hCG, but most of them do not disclose it.

So, if ever you’re going to try the hCG diet, be sure to get your supply of hCG shots from real doctors.

Lastly, the question, ”does the fat really stay off?” Rachael said that fat will never truly stay off, because it still depends on your lifestyle. If you did the hCG diet, but reverted back to your old, unhealthy eating habits, you’re still going to get fat.

She advises everyone that no matter what diet you’re going to try to lose weight, always put it in mind and in heart that it should be a way of life. Because, the pounds are only going to come off if you are very conscious about what you eat.

Remember, consult a real doctor about the hCG diet before you try it.



Why Raspberry Ketones are changing the dieting world

October 21, 2013 admin Raspberry Ketone

For anyone that is regularly subjected to advertisements, I am sure that you are familiar with the term “raspberry ketone”, as they are making regular appearances in a number of weight loss and fat reducing supplements.  With such constant media popularity, it is interesting to learn that many people do not actually know what a raspberry ketone is, nor how a raspberry ketone works.
With that being said, a raspberry ketone can most accurately be described as the scent of a raspberry that draws people into them.

It is that citrusy aroma that lets one know that raspberries are ripe for the picking- and eating!  What science has recently found out, though, is that not only do raspberry ketones provide that aromatic quality that many people know and love in relation to raspberries, but they are also believed to contribute to weight loss and fat burning, when extracted from the berry and utilized in a supplemental form.  How can this be?  The truth behind this weight loss phenomenon can be found below.

The way in which a raspberry ketone works on the body is that when introduced in a significant amount, it will increase a specific hormone within the body that increases the speed of metabolism and fat burning.  When introduced to the body in a supplemental form, the raspberry ketone is generally associated with a number of other natural and herbal ingredients, which are all also designed to aid the body in reducing the amount of fat found within it.  While many believe that raspberry ketones are just now being introduced to the healthcare market, as a scientifically new development, the truth of the matter is that raspberry ketones have been in various cosmetics and bodily products for several years, all of which have proven to have significant positive effects on the human body for which they were intended.

Not only do these supplements aid the body in weight loss, though, they are also helpful in avoided disease, cell damage, and liver cancer.  While it is certainly advisable that you seek the guidance of a trained physician when introducing any new supplement to your daily routine, it should be acknowledged that raspberry ketones have been positively affecting humans for years prior to their weight loss use.  Not only can you aid in your ability to reach your target weight when utilizing raspberry ketone, but you can also aid in maintaining certainly bodily organs, as well!


raspberry ketoneraspberry ketones

Taking Glutathione and how it can benefit your overall health

August 12, 2012 admin Glutathione

No one is denying your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, but are you aware of just how important glutathione is? This is a natural protein that exists in every single cell of our bodies. It protects our tissue, organs, and cells from being the dangers of countless diseases and toxic free radicals. The glutathione supplements have been utilized on countless occasions to battle such ailments as HIV/AIDS, an assortment of cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, and certain liver diseases.
Because it is a fantastic antioxidant, and because it is such a powerful aid to our immune systems, the range of serious conditions that benefit from glutathione (GSH) is impressive.

With all of these facts in mind, did you know that a GSH supplement can be an immensely useful part of your life, too? The benefits of GSH are such that almost anyone, with the possible exception of those with milk or lactose allergies (it contains various milk-based proteins), can utilize those benefits in their day to day life.

Why Glutathione Matters

Some of us are not getting the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. This can be coupled with the unfortunate reality that our cells begin to break down as we move through the various stages of aging. The result of either problem or both is that our bodies may not be producing optimal levels of glutathione. This can countered nicely with a glutathione supplement.

Stress, pollutions, radiation, and different infections can also damage our cells, and therefore wreck serious harm on our immune systems. Adding glutathione to your daily health regiment can work towards restoring our cells, and therefore restoring our immune systems. Many of the essential proteins found in breast milk, well known as a fantastic way of building up our immune system, are also found in glutathione.

Consider Taking Glutathione

Although glutathione is not for everyone, anyone even remotely curious about whether or not they could use more glutathione in their lives should strongly consider discussing it with their physician. It can be taken orally, in the form of a painless injection, or in the form of one of it precursor molecules (your doctor may recommend a 10 or 20mg dosage of cysteine).

However you take it, it’s important to at least consider the idea. Those who are truly serious about doing everything they can for their bodies should make plans to learn even more right away.


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